6x40 Gms bottles Jamun, Acacia, Litchi, Wild Berry, Jungle, Eulcayptus Honey

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Excellent combo of Jungle multi-flower raw honey (the honey we all have been having since our childhood) and acacia honey which is extremely tasty and aromatic and Eucalyptus honey which is highly recommended by all Ayurvedic Doctors for taking along with their medicines. Use them in your morning breakfast or for slimming or for medicinal purpose. Jamun Honey is delicious and even can be used by Diabetic Patients (As per Ayurvedic Doctors). It has aroma of Jamun flowers. Extremely healthy Litchi Honey has live enzymes for growth of children and is extremely aromatic and tasty. Should be consumed with everyday breakfast and on cakes etc. Wild Berry Honey is strong and has very distinct flavour. Extremely likable. Use for slimming as well

Key Product Features :

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  • 100% Pure Raw Natural Bee Honey of Highest quality from the Foot Hills of Himalaya and Pristine Orchards of Uttaranchal

  • This is Raw Honey with all 17 live enzymes for Immunity, Bee Wax, Pollen, Propolis and Natural Bee Hive minute particles who have tendency to crystallize fast. If it solidifies/crystallizes just place in Hot water to bring it back to normal state.

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